English chatting (beszélgessünk - kizárólag angolul!!!)

Kérem, hogy kizárólag angol nyelven beszéljük, a nyelvet gyakoroljuk itt! A téma lehet: a napi programunk, de kérdezzünk is egymástól, meséljünk egymásnak történeteket minél színesebb szókinccsel, és minél változatosabb nyelvtani fordulatokkal.

Hozzászólás írásához be kell jelentkezned!

Idna2015. április 3. 01:09


Can you help me?

I can't choose from two poems. These are:
http://www.best-poems.net/raj_arumugam/d addy_daddy_i_can039t_go_to_school.html
http://100.best-poems.net/perfect-friend .html

So I have choosen these for an English recital competition but between this two poem I couldn't choose...
I ask you:
which poem do you choose in my shoes?

Idna2015. március 30. 15:39


Thank you Varga-Nikolett! You are such a telent English writer!

But, unfortunately I have forgetten to write here that the poem must be at least 14 line...

Varga-Nikolett2015. március 28. 20:18

Hi! :)
Today, when i was bored, wrote an english poem.

The lonley caterpillar

Do you know, who is the lonley caterpillar?

I think you don't, so i will tell (you)
The lonley caterpillar lives in my heart,
And always sing the best song.
When i feel lonley, he says''hey, i am lonley too''

The lonley caterpillar eats my feelings,
And laughs, when i am sad.
I live in pain with him.
The lonley caterpillar my worst best friend.

Idna2015. március 28. 17:25


Can you help me? I search a good, funny and happy, poem for a competition.

If you know please write it here!


Idna2014. augusztus 7. 02:32


Have you got any favorite English poems? I wonder of it! What is it and why?

Mine is:

Gone by
Stephanie M. Wendorf

Emotions ran through my head
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away
I knew I would never see you another day

You got in your car and waved goodbye
and then I was left all alone to cry
I felt helpless, and all alone
I could only talk to you on the phone

You were my neighbor, and my best friend
Why, Oh why did it have to end?
You made me so happy, so carefree
You made it feel okay for me to be me

It's been almost a year since you moved away
but it feels like it was only yesterday
I remember everything you used to do
It may seem impossible, but it's true

You were the best friend I ever had
Now that you left me, I am beyond sad
I love and I miss you more than you ever knew
You've taught me so much, and I want to say thank you.

Why? Because an English recital competition which was in March, 2014 I won the fourth price!

So what about yours?

Kipy2014. augusztus 3. 16:39

Practise is over.

Kipy2014. május 14. 15:57

Sometimes the texts sounds better in English than in Hungarian, dunno why, just a feeling. I can't explain this better.

Kipy2014. május 14. 00:52

Good text, I enjoyed it

Törölt tag2014. május 13. 15:31

Törölt hozzászólás.

Kipy2014. május 13. 10:49

I haven't, I don't really like poets, except some from here.
And what about you? and an extra question:
Which is your favorite poem (not just Hungarian)?

Törölt tag2014. május 13. 02:39

Törölt hozzászólás.

Kipy2014. április 24. 16:41

I agree with your opinion, but this topic will be half-died or it is already

Törölt tag2014. április 24. 16:29

Törölt hozzászólás.

Kipy2014. április 2. 06:31

People don't like speaking in English, so sad

Kipy2014. április 1. 06:18

We'll see what happen.. waitin..

Törölt tag2014. április 1. 01:24

Törölt hozzászólás.

Kipy2014. április 1. 00:33

This topic died too, unluckily

Kipy2014. március 11. 06:17

: )
Myles Kennedy happy now, this is my opinion

Törölt tag2014. március 10. 21:59

Törölt hozzászólás.

Kipy2014. március 10. 21:58

Not a bad one, light rock is good for my ears and for my music-lover soul too, thank you that you shared with us!